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Messy Church

East Doncaster Baptist Church

Messy Church is in recess until further notice (January 2020)

What is Messy Church?
• A new way of ‘doing’ church for people of all ages
• Quality time together for the whole family
• A relaxed and informal gathering
• Church that embraces creativity, hospitality and celebration.

Why Messy?
Messy… because it describes each one of us! No-one is perfect and we all lead messy lives for many reasons.
Messy… implies doing messy activities! While there are some messy activities these are entirely optional and there are plenty of non-messy activities too.
Messy…because our program includes spontaneity.

What happens at Messy Church?

Messy Church starts off in the hall with a wide range of fun [and messy] activities. We then move into a time of celebration where we learn about God through stories, songs, videos, puppets and drama. We finish with a meal together – no need to feed hungry kids when you get home!

Is there a cost?

We ask that families give a donation of $10 to help cover the costs of activities and food.


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