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Worship Service

East Doncaster Baptist Church

4.00 pm Worship Service

Worship is from 4.00 – 5.00 pm.
Communion is celebrated on the last Sunday of each month and a shared lunch is held on the first Sunday of each month.



The story so far….

From time to time folk have asked if we had a service for young people/families. The 9.30 traditional style of worship service is not structured for this age range and so in June 2016 an 11 am family friendly service was birthed.

There are some basic DNA building blocks that we have put in place for this congregation.

One is to have a good cross-section of ages attending. This service is family friendly but the vision is that all ages will worship together; children will learn from adults and adults will learn from children. It is a joy to have youngsters be a part of the congregation and it is also a privilege for older folk to become ‘significant older persons’ (or SOPs).

Another building block is that children stay for the entire service and are encouraged to participate through the service. Our desire is that as children participate in church, as their church and spiritual journey is placed within the responsibility of the entire worshipping community they will grow up understanding and enjoying this weekly time of worship.

We want to connect with and engage children as they enter into their teen years. An important part of this building block is that we listen to their ideas and encourage them to find ways that they can contribute to the community.

Hospitality and community are another building block. We have a shared lunch on the first Sunday of each month.

One final building block is encouraging this congregation to look beyond its four walls into serving the wider community in practical ways.

Join us next Sunday for our Worship Service